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The Loki wallets are a gateway into private decentralised transactions and communications. It allows you to hold private keys, secure or mine Loki, and trade peer-to-peer.

Loki Wallets store a collection of public and private keys which can be used to receive, view, or spend Loki.

The wallet uses the private keys through a daemon which synchronizes with the Loki Network to scan for incoming transactions and to send outgoing transactions.

Graphical User Interface Wallet (GUI)

The Gui Wallet is currently the easiest wallet to use, it has a graphical user friendly interface which is perfect for beginners. You can download the Loki GUI Wallet here.

GUI Troubleshooting & Guides

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Command Line Interface Wallet (CLI)

The Cli Wallet is for more advanced users and offers the most tools when interacting with the Loki Blockchain.

CLI Troubleshooting & Guides