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Loki Network

Information is Important

Privacy is having the agency to decide when you reveal personal information. It is a particularly valuable quality today, when the collection and storage of personal data is taking place at unprecedented levels in history.

Loki provides the means to transact and communicate privately and anonymously, using the decentralised nature of blockchain technology to create new methods of interacting with the internet.

Loki is a privacy cryptocurrency based on Monero. Loki currently offers an incentivised full node layer and over the coming months we look to support a secondary p2p network that offers private communications based on the Signal protocol.

More information on the project can be found on the website and in the whitepaper.

Loki is an open source project, and we encourage contributions from anyone with something to offer. For more information on contributing, please contact

If you are unsure where to start check out our "Getting Started" page by clicking here

Otherwise to begin browsing Loki Docs click here.

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